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Jeremy Grigg
I reached out to Caitlin for assistance with updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. The whole process was seamless and the turnaround was quick! Caitlin was very thorough and made sure my resume and profile was tailored to me personally. I highly recommend Caitlin's services. Well worth it!

Jeremy Grigg

Project Manager

Hi I'm Caitlin

Hi, my name is Caitlin, nice to meet you!

Ever since I could remember I have been passionate about helping others. It wasn’t until I became a recruiter that I realized where my passion and skills would meet.

I started Caitlin May Consulting to help the other 95% of qualified job seekers who have been applying to 100’s of jobs with no feedback, thrown into the “overqualified” pile of resumes, ignored by recruiters, and just plain frustrated with the whole job searching process.

If you fit into one of those categories, look no further. I am here to help.

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